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Transform at speed

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace. Most businesses are not. Win the future by becoming faster and more agile.

Technology is evolving
at an exponential pace

Most businesses are not.
Win the future by becoming faster and more agile.

You know that innovation is critical to your growth. Yet 94% of executives believe their innovation efforts are under performing.  Moore’s law and the digitization of products and services are disrupting every industry, through advances in artificial intelligence, materials science, robotics, autonomy, block chain, internet of things, global connectivity, 3D printing, unlimited cloud computing & data storage.

We deliver three solutions necessary for organizations to become the innovation leaders in their industry.


Portfolio & Project Management

Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) digitizes planning, prioritizing, funding and execution of projects.

Read MoreThe engine for transforming your business successfully is a digitized portfolio and project management process, which:
  • Minimizes the time it takes to allocate your resources optimally (people, capital, operating expense), to execute your innovation strategy.
  • Minimizes the time it takes for teams to successfully deliver projects, following proven agile & stage-gated approaches.
  • Minimizes the time it takes to track results, with immediate visibility to portfolio, project and launched-product metrics.
  • Minimizes wasted effort and unnecessary risk, with rigorous portfolio balancing and efficient project decision gates. We deliver digitized PPM as your engine for business change.

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Strategic Sourcing &Procurement (SSP) digitizes management of suppliers of materials, technologies and services for your own innovative products and services.

Read MoreFor many organizations, the supply chain represents by far the largest cost center. Engaging with the right technology partners to become digital and agileis critical to your growth. A digitized supplier management system replaces legacy enterprise resource planning modules with a single, integratedsystem that automates source to contract (S2C) and procure to pay (P2P) processes. This enables your supply chain professionals to:
  • Identify needs, obtain bids and select the right vendors fast and with confidence.
  • Negotiate and agree contracts and manage obligations and milestones.
  • Minimize the time and effort required to send purchase orders, receive goods and control payments.
  • Significantly increase the capability to accurately analyze spend and consequently manage projects to deliver significant procurement cost savings.
We deliver digitized strategic sourcing to make your procurement a competitive advantage.

About Us

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Bizmotion provides services to enable medium and large-scale businesses to transform at speed.
Our people are all experienced leaders who are passionate about implementing change – with the technical and soft skills required to deliver tangible results.