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Innovation Processes & Skills

Our implementation of innovation processes and upgraded skills enables our clients to deliver successful new projects, maximize their return on innovation investment and transform their business as usual operations.

With all our engagements, we focus on three key outcomes;

  1. Minimize the disruption to your operations and people as we implement the innovation processes and upgrade of skills
  2. Minimize the time it takes to implement the innovation processes and upgraded skills
  3. Maximize the actual benefits delivered by the innovation processes and upgraded skills.

Holistic Approach

We provide all the services needed to deliver effective innovation capability that can transform your business. We complement your in-house team and selected software vendors to ensure the implementation is appropriately staffed. This means:

Innovation strategy: We work with the executive team to ensure there is clarity and alignment of business and innovation objectives.

Understanding customer needs: We use the well documented jobs-to-be-done theory, developed and proven by innovation guru Clay Christensen. Numerous studies have shown this to be a far superior and more accurate way of determining what it is your customers are trying to accomplish, minimizing costs, time spent and number of iterations with prototyping studies. We provide your teams the processes, training and digital tools to acquire those powerful insights into customer needs. This ensures that downstream efforts are sharply focused, maximizing the likelihood of commercial success.

Roadmapping: After gaining a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, we provide market, product and technology roadmapping processes, tools, techniques and training. This is a powerful way to articulate and communicate intentions, ensuring full engagement of project and management team members.

Idea management: We provide your teams with insight into the best sources of ideas, and then digital processes and tools to quantify, prioritize and manage those ideas.

Product development process: After prioritizing and funding those ideas you wish to commercialize (using the PPM concepts), we provide insight, processes, tools and techniques to your project teams to maximize the likelihood of successful introduction, at minimum time to market. The Stage-Gate™ product development process is a powerful and proven best-practice.  We bring a unique hybrid model combining the best of gated physical product development with Agile techniques, first developed by the software industry. This combines the necessary disciplines to minimize risk with flexibility, speed and agility to get the right new products and services to the market faster.

Best-Practice Reference Models

We use innovation processes, practices, tools and techniques developed by world-renowned innovation thought leaders, significantly enhancing the opportunity for success.

Agile Program Management

We use our proven agile approach to implement your business transformation.  This saves time and cost compared to traditional ‘waterfall’ project management, and delivers a system better aligned to your business needs.

Digitized Delivery Platform

As you should expect from an innovation, project and portfolio management systems implementer, we use our own PPM system to coordinate the entire engagement with your team.  This saves time and cost by keeping the entire program schedule, tasks, requirements, specifications costs, resources and business case, in a single collaborative application.