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Bizmotion Helps Bengs Expand Into the United States of America


May 15, 2018, 08:45 ET

NEW YORK,¬†May 15, 2018¬†/PRNewswire/ —¬†Bengs, a leading innovation and strategy consulting company founded in 2015 and headquartered in¬†Paris, France, announced today, three years after its inception, that the company will expand its operations into¬†the United States.

Bengs selected the USA as the first of many steps of the roll-out of its international expansion strategy. This will enable Bengs to provide global transformation support to many of its international clients with US interests.

Bengs will initially establish facilities in three major cities: New York, Miami and Dallas. A major innovation hub will be established in each location. The other services available at each facility will be customized to suit nearby clients.

Following the outstanding success of Bengs’ open innovation lab in¬†Paris, Bengs will establish a second lab in the¬†USA. The innovation lab provides the environment, the skills and resources to fast track innovation activity using the patented Radical Innovation Design (RID) for business¬ģ¬†methodology.

Bengs has grown by 80% in the last 2 years and is well on its way to achieving a 50% growth rate in 2018, with the ambition to deliver sustainable and long-term growth globally.

S√©bastien Durand, Bengs co-founder and CEO commented, “Since we founded Bengs in 2015, we have always had a globalization ambition. Now that the business is established and recognized in¬†France, the time is right to make the move. The¬†USA¬†is an attractive and buoyant market. We are optimistic that we can quickly gain traction there.”

Colin Palombo, US Managing Partner at Bengs said, “The Bengs methodology is unique and will be quickly adopted by US clients as they start to see the benefits and results it can deliver.”

Chris Poole, US Managing Partner at Bengs noted, “We are proud to be bringing the Bengs brand into the States. The innovation lab and RID methodology has been proven in¬†Europe, so the US clients will quickly reap the associated rewards.”

Bengs is a consulting company focused on strategy and innovation. It helps its clients transform intuition and know-how into bottom line results. Bengs works with many leading international companies, supporting and accelerating their sustainable, profitable growth.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Chris Poole at +1 (817) 851-4582, or email chris.poole@bengs-lab.com.


Colin Palombo, Managing Partner, Bengs-US, colin.palombo@bengs-lab.com
Chris Poole, Managing Partner, Bengs-US, chris.poole@bengs-lab.com


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