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Portfolio & Project Management

The engine for businesses to become fast and agile is a best-practice portfolio and project management process. With digitized PPM in place, your planners layout strategic roadmaps, leadership funds the best mix of portfolios and projects to implement strategy, and project teams deliver projects more successfully. Transforming your products, services, business processes and operating models quicker and more responsively than your competition.

Our PPM transformation service achieves three critical outcomes for our clients:

  1. Minimizes the disruption to your operations and people as we implement the system.
  2. Minimizes the time it takes to implement the system.
  3. Maximizes the actual business benefits achieved from the implemented system.

Holistic Approach

We provide all the services needed to deliver a successful PPM business transformation. Our experienced consultants complement your in-house team to address each of these vital parts of your change program:

Transformation Strategy: Business objectives, implementation approach, business case, risk management and success metrics to gain senior leadership commitment to the transformation. Without a target for change, you will always miss.

People: Organizational design, change management, communications and training to make sure your people are ready, willing and able to deliver targeted business benefits.

Process: Financial planning, roadmapping, portfolio management, product development and project execution processes designed & optimized for your future, not your past ways of working.

PPM Application: Requirements, design and configuration of your PPM application to efficiently support your optimized organization and processes.

Systems interfaces: Connect and share master data with other systems such as ERPs, HR systems and PLM to make sure your business data is always accurate, consistent and up-to-date.

Data conversion:  Extract, translate, clean and load data from legacy systems, databases and files into your PPM system, to retain valuable information and quickly retire the replaced systems.

Agile Program Management

We use our proven agile approach to implement your business transformation.  This saves time and cost compared to traditional ‘waterfall’ project management, and delivers a system better aligned to your business needs. Using agile values, we therefore prioritize:

  1. Delivering working software over exhaustive design documents
  2. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  3. Responding to change over fixing requirements up front

Digitized Service Delivery

As you should expect from a PPM implementer, we use our own PPM system to coordinate the entire engagement with your team.  This saves time and cost by keeping the entire program schedule, tasks, requirements, specifications costs, resources and business case, in a single collaborative application. And it does away with those inefficient spreadsheets, presentations, documents and email threads.