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Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Our implementation of strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities enable our clients to digitize and optimize their supply chain. Delivering best practice source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes for both direct and indirect materials. A single, integrated digital platform is essential to enable supply chain professionals to maximize the impact they have on your business.

With all our engagements, we focus on three key outcomes;

  1. Minimize the disruption to your operations and people as we implement strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities.
  2. Minimize the time it takes to implement the strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities.
  3. Maximize the delivered actual benefits achieved from the strategic sourcing and procurement capabilities.

Holistic Approach

We provide all the services needed to deliver effective strategic sourcing and procurement capability that can transform your supply chain delivering bottom line impact. We complement your in-house team and selected software vendors to ensure the implementation is appropriately staffed. This means:

Supplier management: Comprehensive view of all supplier information and activity; risk assessment based on holistic view of available information; master data management – one single source of supplier data.

Sourcing: Project management to aid sourcing; direct, indirect and services; collaboration with all stakeholders.

Contract management: Single, master contract database with global visibility; contract renewal pricing and termination management; record of all negotiation steps; integration with procure-to-pay processes.

Procurement: Refined and friendly user-interface; ease and speed of configuration; flexible workflows.

Invoicing: Digitized and automated; touchless processing; fast cycle time; fewer exceptions; adopt across the entire supply base

Strategy and analytics: Single platform and database; spend analysis; flexible classifications; program management; performance analysis and reporting.

Agile Program Management

We use our proven agile approach to implement your strategic sourcing and procurement capability. This saves time and cost compared to traditional ‘waterfall’ project management, and delivers a system better aligned to your business needs.

Digitized Delivery Platform

As you should expect from a provider of innovation capability, project and portfolio management, strategic sourcing and procurement systems implementer, we use our own project and portfolio management system to coordinate the entire engagement with your team.  This saves time and cost by keeping the entire program schedule, tasks, requirements, specifications costs, resources and business case, in a single collaborative application